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Social needs for making friends will fluctuate from child to child in this age group. It is okay for children in this age group to want to play alone. Parents must often encourage their child to interact with others.

3) “Life Skills” Education - By not getting your child into a quality martial arts school, they are going to miss the opportunity at “Life Skills” training that is not given any place else - Goal Setting, Time Management, Leadership and Public Speaking. Imagine your child is at a job interview and it is down to two people – your child and one other candidate. Both have equal schooling and skills, but your child brings up they have skills in Leadership, Time Management, Public Speaking, Commitment and Goal Setting. Who do you think the boss will want to hire?

Sometimes financial problems are the major impediments when we want to accomplish our personal objectives. Since distance education colleges have received authorization to train and certificate students, learners who found impossible to go on with their post-secondary education, now they have certainly get over this kind of obstacles.

Online schools provide stress free learning environment as there is no rush to study. Also distance learning is free from any type of competition between students. Distance education put focus on individuals and not groups. Online students plan their study timings and choose their pace of study. They are free to complete their education in less than two years or more than four years.

Is it that only adults can play the role of a hero at the time of a crisis? In every situation the answer is not the same. Hats off to the students who used their presence of minds when its needed most- during a crisis. Well, it was an unforgettable day for the entire school when a class seven student met with an accident in the school. The twelve year old boy couldn’t make out what had happened to him when he touched the switch on board to switch off the fan. When he opened his eyes, he found himself on a hospital bed, surrounded by his family members and many schoolmates. Later, when he came back to the school after about a week he got to know that he got electrocuted the moment he touched the switch of the fan because the earthing laid by the school electrician was faulty.

3. Poor Time Management: Managing time effectively is a critical to a student’s ability to balance multiple responsibilities that come with being in school (homework, projects, a job, social time, family obligations, etc.). It is important for them to learn this skill now prior to attending college that way they can learn from their failures in a less costly environment. Learning not to over commit oneself is part of finding balance to focus on what’s necessary and important.